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CO endorses bear-proof bin program

A powerful endorsement for a subsidized bear-proof bin initiative.

Conservation Officer Jason Hawkes often has to destroy grizzly and black bears that have become habituated to human garbage.

He’s also part of the West Kootenay Human-Bear Conflict Working Group that wants to launch the bin program this year.

Hawkes believes a widespread end to bear-garbage conflict is possible.

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35% of all conflict cases are garbage-related.

Hawkes adds other programs continue such as help for electrified fencing , fruit removal and local governments embracing wildlife attractant bylaws.

The group is seeking money from the RDCK to use with other grants so the $250 bear-proof bins can be offered at half-price to residents or loaned to those who can’t afford it.

*Picture – Conservation Officer Jason Hawkes (pictured with Wildsafe BC’s Gillian Sanders) fully supports efforts to get a subsidized bear-proof bin program off the ground

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