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New strategic plan guides next five years for Selkirk College

Selkirk College has adopted its new strategic plan which outlines a revised mission and vision statement, as well as values and commitments.

Feedback from students, faculty and communities included something new this year that college president Angus Graeme was excited to see.

“There are other things that the college should be working on that benefit society generally and that’s why we came up with this idea of five additional commitments that we were going to make and try and thread through all of our programs and services and partnerships that we have,” explained Graeme.

The commitments are diversity, inclusion, environmental sustainability, reconciliation, health and wellness, and innovation. Graeme feels it puts them on the map provincially and nationally in terms of what a community college is trying to do for the greater community it’s located in.

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As society changes colleges need to adapt as well, for example, to the needs of the changing work force and student population.

“By and large what I’ve seen over the last decade is students becoming more and more diverse in terms of their own personal needs,” said Graeme. “Things like employment outcomes and skill sets that employers need, those are becoming very diverse as well.”.

The college is rolling out new programming to keep up with this, for example, the web application development program this fall and then a digital fabrication technology program to come later down the road.

However, an access mandate remains at the core of the college’s values. Graeme said the input received was to continue doing what the college has been doing, but expand on “meeting students where they’re at.” Personal experiences are highlighted as an important part of the college’s vision statement, which Graeme explained recognises every student has different needs and is at a different place in their learning journey.

It’s both an affirming and challenging experience putting together the strategic plan, according to Graeme. It’s the third that has been completed while he’s been president at the college. To learn more, click here.

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