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Canadian artists show diverse passion at Shutter exhibition

Over 50 people attended the opening of the Shutter exhibition at Touchstones Nelson to welcome seven artists from across Canada as they showcased their passion for photography and explained why they pursued their dream in this field.

“I identify as queer and Indigenous,” says Danya Danger, one of the artists on the panel, “so I like have my work reflect Indigenous sovereignty because that is my heritage.”

All the artists are connected to their work through some aspect of their life, whether it is complex or just simplistic. That is what connected each of the seven panelists together in this exhibit.

“This is the fourth iteration of these group exhibitions. Shutter has come of out of exhibitions called Word, Lost Threads and a couple of years ago Throne,” says curator Arin Fay. “Shutter has focused on photography.”

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“We are always trying to find interesting ways to tell stories and utilize the space,” says Fay. “The crowd was listening so intensely and passionately, this was the typical artist crowd.”

The turnout on Friday night signified a growing number of people who want to be a part of this community, Fay says. “It is very encouraging to see that people want to be a part of this,” she says. “It makes the work exciting and encouraging.”

Touchstones has plans to put more exhibits on display that focus on group shows across Canada. The museum will seek Canada Council composite funding with the intention of putting on displays for the next three to five years.

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